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Cottage Classics Series

Cottage Classics are designed to bring artists to new audiences from markets where they are well known, while bringing enduring literature to new readers as well.

COTTAGE CLASSICS: Their Makers* & The Making
The personalities, the extraordinary art, and the creative processes of innovators in books tailor-made for their talents. llustrated by *Maxon Crumb, Kim Deitch, Edward Gorey, Spain Rodriguez, S. Clay Wilson and forty-five Underground Cartoonists.
Sherlock Holmes' Strangest Cases
Five of the weirdest, most ghastly adventures to ever involve Holmes and Watson are brought vividly to life by the powerful art of Spain Rodriguez.
Alice's Adventures under Ground
A unique edition of Lewis Carroll's monographic predecessor to Alice's Adventure in Wonderland. All new art by noted cartoonist and illustrator, Kim Deitch, brings vivid life to the children's classic.
Wilson's Grimm
Fierce ogres, Snow White, and the Devil's own grandmother enchant 7 of Grimm's wildest tales intensely illustrated by S. Clay Wilson.

MAXON: Art Out of Chaos
WordPlay is proud to announce Maxon Crumb's long-awaited biography is here both in a quality softcover and a unique hardcover edition limited to only 26 copies, each lettered A to Z and signed by Mr. Whyte.
S. Clay Wilson's ABC
Forty-two fantastic, never-seen-before drawings including the one-off embellishments S. Clay Wilson made in each of the 26 books of the lettered edition of Wilson's Grimm are reproduced here and available to the general public for the very first time.
Panda: Her Story
Like many of us, Miniature Bull Terrier Panda knew she was different from the rest of her family. Through her unique looks, buoyant personality, discipline - and a little luck - she arrived at a marvelous truth.
The Funniest Thing I Ever Did See
What's the .....iest thing you ever did .....? Joe Bacal and Malcolm Whyte bring you wacky educational giggles with this wittily written and adorably illustrated new book.
Maxon Crumb: The Monograph
Beautifully designed, the monograph gathers, from private collections around the country, thirty-two, full-page images of brilliant paintings and powerful black-and-white drawings that demonstrate Maxon's rich artistic range.
Liquidator Magazine
Liquidator Magazine details a weird incident Maxon Crumb experienced in his residence hotel room on San Francisco's infamous Sixth Street.
HardCore Mother
Maxon's Crumb's first novel - also illustrated by him - is available from WordPlay in three formats: quality paperback, hardcover, and numbered. The numbered edition is signed by Maxon and limited to 300 copies.
HardCore Mother Drawings A to Z
A limited edition volume of the pencil drawings Maxon Crumb drew on the title page of his Hardcore Mother hardcover lettered limited edition. Signed and numbered by the artist, less than half a dozen are still available for purchase.
Great Comic Cats
This gorgeously illustrated revised edition of the 1981 classic by Malcolm Whyte covers comical cat images from the past 225 years. Only 1 left!

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