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MAXON: Art Out of Chaos
by Malcolm Whyte
forward and notes by Robert Crumb
Maxon Crumb — artist, author, and yogi — embarked on a cross-country odyssey to conquer one severe challenge after another: a brutal childhood, crushing sibling rivalry, lost love, death threats, and debilitating disease.

Each absorbing chapter in MAXON: Art Out of Chaos recounts the agonizing steps Maxon took to succeed. In the process he restores frayed family ties while maturing into a fiercely independent innovator whose art and writings are as provocative and colorful as they are complex and imaginative.

Excerpts from Maxon's writings, anecdotes from his brother Robert Crumb, and a 50-page gallery of Maxon's stunning artworks (including his magnificent Reading the Cosmic Wheel) crown an inspiring story of a man who bares his magical world to us through ink, oil, metal, wood, and word.

$25.00 softcover
8" x 10", 140 pages, full color throughout

Reading the Cosmic Wheel

First fine art limited edition

Because demand for Maxon's paintings exceeds their ready availability WordPlay is pleased to present his first in a series of museum quality color works. All the subtle nuance and powerful texture of Maxon's oil-on-canvas are meticulously recorded in Reading the Cosmic Wheel, an archival pigment print based on Maxon's brilliant 2007 painting.

Like the eternal circle within it, this stunning work embraces Maxon's unique concept of nature, intellect and spirituality. As the peaceful seeker in the picture knows, the more you study Reading the Cosmic Wheel the more you discover. Islands of velvet black, moss green and Manzanita-bark red flow to energetic swirls, pools of delicate color and intricate tracings of line that guide your soaring thoughts back again

The image measures 20" x 20" (51cm x 51 cm) on 24" x 24" (61cm x 61cm), 325 gram, 18-mil, 100% acid-free, smooth fine art paper. Limited to an edition of 60, each work is signed and numbered by Maxon Crumb. Shipped flat in sturdy box. $650.00 plus s&h.

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