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Alice's Adventures under Ground

By Lewis Carroll
Illustrated by Kim Deitch
Foreword by Mark Burstein

Previously only available in facsimile form, this handsome edition is the first ever to be set in type and offer original illustrations by other than Mr. Carroll's.

Mark Burstein, Vice President of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America and curator of one of the largest Carroll collections in the world explains the significance of Alice's Adventures under Ground and how historically important it was in expanding the horizons of Victorian children's literature; not unlike the adventurous experiments in underground cartoon art a century later and their revolutionary impact on free expression.

Alice's Adventures under Ground is the third in a series of WordPlay's Cottage Classics designed to bring artists to new audiences from other areas where they are well known, while bringing enduring literature to new readers as well.

$17.95 paperback   ISBN 1-892847-01-9
$29.95 hardcover   ISBN 1-892847-00-0
$125.00 hardcover edition, signed, numbered 1-250 Only 2 left!

7" x 7", 88 pages, illustrated.

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